torsdag 3 juli 2008


There is a Zen story about a seeker that comes to the Master asking for guidance. The Roshi gives him a spiritual praxis and asks him to report back regularly about his progress on the spiritual path.

After a short while the first letter arrives saying. “I am sitting in pure bliss”. The Master throws the letter in the waist bin.

Another letter arrives after some weeks reading, “everything is beautiful and perfect”. The Master hardly reads it and throws it away.

Again some time is passes and another letter arrives reading, “There is only oneness”, the Master doesn’t even open the letter.

Long time is now passing and no letters, finally the Roshi writes the disciple reminding him about their contract.

Again a long time is passing and no answer. The Roshi sends another letter.

When the Roshi has nearly given up ever hearing more form the disciple a letter arrives with a short message, “who bothers”.

The Master is overjoyed.”

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