fredag 4 juli 2008

The shift

Consciousness is present in its purity before the mind arises. What is before a thought appears? To realise that is to realise a gap, a discontinuity and in that moment there is a shift in consciousness, which we call an awakening.

The shift is very radical. In the state of ignorance consciousness has identified itself with a fragment of itself; that fragment is what we call ego – the experience of being a separate entity, the world and me as two things. In the moment of awakening consciousness realizes that it is both the ego – the me, and the world. That is the experience of one-ness.

In reality there is only one actor-consciousness. There is only consciousness playing all the roles, world and me. Awakening is to realize that I am consciousness whatever form and name it has.The deluded consciousness is the state in which I believe that I am an individual in the world. The awakened state knows the whole world is in me.

So there is no personal Enlightenment. There is not an individual that arrives to some fantastic state called Enlightenment. The individual dissolves as a separate entity and appears again as consciousness.

Everything is pure consciousness. When it takes form of something experiences arises. Thoughts, feelings and perceptions are expressions of pure consciousness. So are chocolate, soap powder, vomit, cars, trees, people, shit, sky, sea and so on! Everything is it.Waking up you “know” this and even if the whole world denies it, it will still be so.

Since everything is consciousness there is no matter. Matter is just another appearance of consciousness.


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