torsdag 5 juni 2008

My life without me

The mind will go on, and on, and on, until it will disappear by its own accord. There are no limits how far it will go with its task. There is “no way out”, and the mind hates this message, there is no were to go, nothing to do, nothing to achieve. This is also why it’s really hard to understand why anyone ever would be interested in the issue, and yet….something lies behind the lines.

You can never “give IT up” because it is itself, it is IT. This is a horrifying insight or recognition by the mind itself. There is no escape or hope. One day it’s going to lose its power and begins to hide in the shadows.

When the mind falls away, by some reason, and THAT what already is appears. And when the “I” comes back, the mind thinks it’s doing it. The mind takes credit for everything, even of the impossible. Look what I did?

The thing that makes it even more confusing is when truth is mixed up with promises, desire, and hope for the tomorrow (unconditional love, peace, happiness, and so on). The “good stuff” is always a byproduct, a absence of the “me”. It’s really hard to “see through” this play of existence.

And last...

Enlightenment is disappearance of the one who wants it.

Sally Ann hughes

Has it ever acoured that you are seeking god with his eyes.

It's the illusion of me that's trying to get somewhere.


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