måndag 9 juni 2008


Bob says: There is no answer in the mind.

"What's wrong with Right Now - unless you think about it?"

"Let the thought go - drop it - if only for an instant - you see that, that silence - that stillness -
that clarity - that shining beingness is there, as it ever was and will be"

"What you are seeking, you already are. So it is foolish to carry on the search. The only place the search started from, is in the mind"

"It is the nature of the mind to divide"

"The false cannot stand up to the investigation"

"It is right here - right now as What Is - In knowing that, how can there be any conflict? -- Relax and be what you are"

"It is only in the mind that this conflict goes on!"

"You never move away from presence. Time is a mental concept."

"And it's the search itself which stops you from really seeing that."

"You're not noticing the evident. You're noticing the content."

Sailor Bob

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