tisdag 11 mars 2008

Citat som pekar mot "DET"

Ego has to be transcended but not excluded.

Can Space Know Itself?

Can Empty Being-Awareness actually "Divide Itself" to "Know Itself?"

Who Is This "me?" No-one Every-where and that is the Real.

Oneness Is playing the awful game that you are an individual.

The story is all about "but." You are the 'but' of the cosmic joke. You will NEVER get this. There is freedom ... but NOT for "you."

To say to anyone to do something is to imprisoning the person, you just cultivate the doer, he grows more and more. The opposite of doing is non-doing……….now, how to do that?

To be liberated is to lose something, You are not here to get anything….the you is gone.

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