fredag 27 februari 2009

This is What I am looking for....

....and what I want to share on this blog. Trying to make some room for the final happening, the shift in awareness, the jump into the void. Here is two videoclips from "nevernothere" by Richard Mills. Lay back and Be patient and take some time to look through the two clips. The "pointing is very powerful from Kevin Edwards, it's very beautiful and touching. In the clip two there is a girl Naalem who give a Satsang wich also is something special.

Namaste from Roshi :-D

torsdag 26 februari 2009

The purpose of the world lies in the transcendence of it

Here is a beautiful and a great dialog between Andrew Cohen and Eckhart Tolle:

Cohen: What exactly do you mean when you say that the purpose of the world lies in the transcendence of it?

Tolle: The world promises fulfillment somewhere in time, and there is a continuous striving toward that fulfillment in time. Many times people feel, “Yes, now I have arrived,” and then they realize that, no, they haven’t arrived, and then the striving continues. It is expressed beautifully in A Course in Miracles, where it says that the dictum of the ego is “seek but do not find.” People look to the future for salvation, but the future never arrives.

So ultimately, suffering arises through not finding. And that is the beginning of an awakening—when the realization dawns that “perhaps this is not the way. Perhaps I will never get to where I am striving to reach; perhaps it’s not in the future at all.” After having been lost in the world, suddenly, through the pressure of suffering, the realization comes that the answers may not be found out there in worldly attainment and in the future.

That’s an important point for many people to reach. That sense of deep crisis—when the world as they have known it, and the sense of self that they have known that is identified with the world, become meaningless. That happened to me. I was just that close to suicide and then something else happened—a death of the sense of self that lived through identifications, identifications with my story, things around me, the world. Something arose at that moment that was a sense of deep and intense stillness and aliveness, beingness. I later called it “presence.” I realized that beyond words, that is who I am. But this realization wasn’t a mental process. I realized that that vibrantly alive, deep stillness is who I am.

Years later, I called that stillness “pure consciousness,” whereas everything else is the conditioned consciousness. The human mind is the conditioned consciousness that has taken form as thought. The conditioned consciousness is the whole world that is created by the conditioned mind. Everything is our conditioned consciousness; even objects are. Conditioned consciousness has taken birth as form and then that becomes the world. So to be lost in the conditioned seems to be necessary for humans. It seems to be part of their path to be lost in the world, to be lost in the mind, which is the conditioned consciousness.

Then, due to the suffering that arises out of being lost, one finds the unconditioned as oneself. And that is why we need the world to transcend the world. So I’m infinitely grateful for having been lost.

The purpose of the world is for you to be lost in it, ultimately. The purpose of the world is for you to suffer, to create the suffering that seems to be what is needed for the awakening to happen. And then once the awakening happens, with it comes the realization that suffering is unnecessary now. You have reached the end of suffering because you have transcended the world. It is the place that is free of suffering.

This seems to be everybody’s path. Perhaps it is not everybody’s path in this lifetime, but it seems to be a universal path. Even without a spiritual teaching or a spiritual teacher, I believe that everybody would get there eventually. But that could take time.

Eckhart Tolle

To be lost in the world and then the world or the existence finds you again....!....or (?)



Here is some daily quotes, some drops of bliss....

-"Love is a magician.
Everything it touches turns into itself."


-The idea that "I am not awake or enlightened jet", It's like trying to lose your keyes.


-Not even your effort is required.

-It is even not requered that we take it seriously.

-The passive awareness is the key.

-The key is to look at the whole as the whole, now....
The mind comes in and ask; "how do I do that?"

-Only When you wake up to that what is awake in you can you recognize precense. In everything and in everyone.

Kevin Edwards

söndag 22 februari 2009

Kevin about waking UP

Kevin Edwards has some words about awakening or waking up, it is beautiful:

In the final analysis, waking up is not about doing anything or not doing anything. It is a grace. It is the grace of not being able to define yourself. It is the grace of knowing yourself as limitless mystery. The paradox of Self-knowledge is that I cannot know what I am. I am beyond definition. To experience this first hand is called awakening. You know that you cannot possibly know. It is seen, with great clarity, that one arrives at knowing who they are only through a willingness to not know. This state of permanent bewilderment, this willingness to not know EVER is the death. It is a plunge, once and for all, into a fathomless mystery. This not knowing is the death that the self-image cannot survive.

Kevin Edwards


onsdag 18 februari 2009

Without You

Here is some beautiful words from Kevin Edwards:

The ego thinks it plays a central role in what happens. The truth is that Life is living Itself. The message of the seers is that something greater than ego-consciousness is at the helm. There is no need to be troubled. Everything that needs to is being done. The true dignity of human beings lies not in free will and autonomy, but in realizing one does not have to struggle but surrender his part to the one and only Reality.

To believe that you are on your own: that you act by your own, that you think by your own, that you decide by your own, that you choose by your own is the illusion. To surrender this belief "I' am my own" is freedom from suffering and ignorance, and it is Self-realization.

Freedom or surrender is doing everything with the understanding that you are not doing it.

Just know that everything that needs to is being done.

We set ourselves apart and we suffer, because Wholeness is truly all there is.

Kevin Edwards


torsdag 12 februari 2009


-Counsciousness is experiencing itself, there is no other.

-We do to much and just "be" to little.

-No one has the authority to say how it is to be like you.


söndag 8 februari 2009

What is left....

If all your imaginations, thoughts and idéas about what you think you are is left behind for a moment. What is left.... Is the noticing of your true reality. Don't let the thoughts enter to try to give it an explanation of what it is. Let it be, embrace it, welcome it, bee with it, sit with it. Everything begins and ends here.


tisdag 3 februari 2009

UG Krishnamurti

"The so called self-realization is the discovery for yourself and by yourself that there is no self to discover. That will be a very shocking thing because it's going to blast every nerve, every cell, even the cells in the marrow of your bones.”

"Thought is violence because it is trying to protect itself. There is a basic contradiction in what the body demands and the movement of the thought which is interested in self-perpetuation. There is no such thing as you and me. The totality has created you and me. You have no isolated existence. The demand of being an individual is the real cause of suffering. The "how" is absent for me. The "hows" dished out in the market-place are not for me. The one who is living doesn't ask how to live."

Thought has survived for millions and millions of years, and it knows every trick in the world. It will do anything to maintain its continuity.

Q: If every one of us is unique, that implies that our code of enlightenment, if there is such a thing, would also be unique so that each of us reaches that state individually and uniquely.

A: Exactly. That is what I am trying to emphasize. It is just not possible for us to produce enlightened people on an assembly line. You know, if you look at history, even a country like India, which prides itself as a land of spirituality, has produced only a very few enlightened people. You can count them on your fingers.

But unfortunately, in the market place, we have many claimants who say that they are enlightened, and they are in turn out to enlighten everybody. There is a market for that kind of thing. The demand and supply principle is responsible for that. But actually an enlightened man or a free man, if there is one, is not interested in freeing or enlightening anybody. This is because he has no way of knowing that he is a free man, that he is an enlightened man. It is not something that can be shared with somebody, because it is not in the area of experience at all.

When the reference point is gone there is no knowing....Then came the usual question, "Why do they say that the world is an illusion?" U.G. replied, "The centre is created here; the space is created by thought. Measurement starts from a reference point. All measurements are illusory. "Maya" means "measure" and not "illusion". If the reference point goes by any chance, there is no way of knowing anything. Then there is no outside or inside."

Because you are trying to understand what I am saying. Through thought and thinking you cannot understand anything. But that [thought] is the only instrument. When that [instrument] cannot be used, and there is no other instrument, what is there to understand? There is nothing to understand. That's what you need to know -- that there is nothing at all to know.

"If the endlessly continuing thought process is cut off even once, even for a thousandth of a second, then thoughts can never be linked again. That break will create tremors throughout the body like a terrible earthquake. Like an atomic explosion it will shake, move and burn every nerve and blood cell in the body. With that the thinker is gone. The senses start functioning independently of each other. From then on all bodily processes are carried on automatically, like a machine. Only the 'you' who you think runs the machine is not there."

UG Krishnamurti

söndag 1 februari 2009

Advaita Vedanta

Here is some words from Dennis Waite about Advaita Vedanta:

“‘Awakening’ doesn’t change the appearance. Contrary to what some seem to claim, the world does not effectively disappear. Everything is seen as before; the difference is that it is now known not to be separate. All the ‘people’ are still there, living out their apparent lives, still acting as though there were free will, including the body-mind in which ‘awakening’ has occurred.”

“If you are looking for personal happiness or an end to personal unhappiness, then advaita is not the answer. Advaita is about the realization that there is no person, that who you really are is already limitless, full and complete. One comes to advaita when it has been acceptedthat lasting happiness is never going to be found in people or things - how can anything that is transient and ever-changing bring lasting happiness?”

“The teaching of Advaita regarding the existence of free will (or any other topic for that matter) really depends upon the current level of understanding of the student. For one who believes that he or she is a separate person, Advaita teaches that it is possible to exert self-effort in order to discipline the mind, acquire self-knowledge etc. and ultimately attain liberation. As you know, the ‘bottom line’ of Advaita is that everything is brahman and you are that. There are no persons who could choose to do anything. The world-appearance is simply the ever-changing form of the never-changing reality. So, clearly, in the end the concept of free-will is meaningless. Apparent individuals are just following a chain of cause and effect at the level of the appearance.”

“The questions as to why the world appears, why there is ignorance etc. are not ‘valid’ questions in advaita. From the vantage point of reality, there is no creation, there are no minds, there is no ignorance. The confusion is only in the mind of the person, which concepts (confusion, mind, person) only have validity in relative reality. Yes, it is all paradoxical from the mind’s point of view but all is resolved in self-knowledge.”

Dennis Waite

Advaita believes in teaching, to have a Guru or Teacher, in tradition, lineages of Teachers. It differs from other thoughts about Nonduality. There is a point to have a Teacher, and it is this:

“On the subject of ego, whilst you believe yourself to be a separate entity, a doer and enjoyer, the concept of ego has validity. And a teacher has to begin from where you believe yourself to be. All of what a teacher tells you has provisional validity only and is ALL rescinded in the final analysis - this is the technique of traditional advaita.” Says Dennis Waite.