söndag 22 februari 2009

Kevin about waking UP

Kevin Edwards has some words about awakening or waking up, it is beautiful:

In the final analysis, waking up is not about doing anything or not doing anything. It is a grace. It is the grace of not being able to define yourself. It is the grace of knowing yourself as limitless mystery. The paradox of Self-knowledge is that I cannot know what I am. I am beyond definition. To experience this first hand is called awakening. You know that you cannot possibly know. It is seen, with great clarity, that one arrives at knowing who they are only through a willingness to not know. This state of permanent bewilderment, this willingness to not know EVER is the death. It is a plunge, once and for all, into a fathomless mystery. This not knowing is the death that the self-image cannot survive.

Kevin Edwards


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Psiplex sa...

This death and the dissolving into mystery is the connectedness to the one 'I Am' - 'Am'.

Beautiful post!

One Love

Roshi sa...




Eric Putkonen sa...

"I am beyond definition. To experience this first hand is called awakening."

Yes! Also using definition more define - put limites on. To feel and experience no limits is part of this...hence "Liberation".

Roshi sa...

Hi Eric,
I took a look on your website, I have a question if you don't mind. How did the awakening occured to you and what is the difference in your being "now"? Tell me your story...

:-) Roshi