onsdag 18 februari 2009

Without You

Here is some beautiful words from Kevin Edwards:

The ego thinks it plays a central role in what happens. The truth is that Life is living Itself. The message of the seers is that something greater than ego-consciousness is at the helm. There is no need to be troubled. Everything that needs to is being done. The true dignity of human beings lies not in free will and autonomy, but in realizing one does not have to struggle but surrender his part to the one and only Reality.

To believe that you are on your own: that you act by your own, that you think by your own, that you decide by your own, that you choose by your own is the illusion. To surrender this belief "I' am my own" is freedom from suffering and ignorance, and it is Self-realization.

Freedom or surrender is doing everything with the understanding that you are not doing it.

Just know that everything that needs to is being done.

We set ourselves apart and we suffer, because Wholeness is truly all there is.

Kevin Edwards


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Psiplex sa...


Couldn't agree more-the last few days the same message has been overing over me. I get it! The universe has synched me with the lesson and I am grateful and amazed. Keep doing what you are doing Roshi- all is appreciated!

One Love

Roshi sa...

Thank you for your kind words.