måndag 28 september 2009

Only one awareness

Here Francis talks about "awareness", interesting......

Everything, including all minds, "happens" within awareness. There is only one awareness. Your awareness, my awareness and God's awareness are the same awareness which is the substance of all things, literally "that which stands under" all things, that which understands all things. And that which "understands" all things is also that which comprehends all things, literally that which holds all things together. Awareness is beyond the duality of mind and matter. It is the formless and nameless presence that creates mind phenomena (names) and physical phenomena (forms).

Francis Lucille

Buy the way, just for fun:

Paradox of the theologians: if God is almighty and all knowing, it created evil, or at least he is aware of it and has the power to stop it. Since there is evil, it follows that God is not loving. Then they do a lot of intellectual tap dancing trying to prove that 2 + 2 = 3 (that God is loving and almighty, but that man is evil). Their problem is that they agree on the statement "there is evil", to which God could answer: "in your eyes, gentlemen, not in Mine".

Francis Lucille

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