måndag 3 november 2008

Mental movies

Words weave stories. They create mental movies that seem entirely believable and real. In this movie-world of thoughts and stories, it appears that "I" am inside this skin, and everything else is "out there." It appears that "I" am incomplete, forever in need of improvement or modification. "I" seek happiness and enlightenment in the future, chase after bigger and better experiences, compare "myself" to "others," and idolize those imagined to possess something special that "I" lack.

Joan tollifson

What she says, is interesting. The story. The movie that is running. I am not enough enlightend. I am not good enough. Not here. Not today. Not me. The constant comparing, never ending. It 's going on and on. Always tomorrow. Then she says:

Investigate this directly. Return attention to actuality. See for yourself. Can you actually find the doer, the thinker, the experiencer, the operator, the director, the one who is supposedly in charge here, or the one who appears to be trapped, the one who supposedly needs to awaken?

Can you?

Can you find?


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