tisdag 13 maj 2008

My words

The clue is what the "mind" is doing and why the mind can’t undo itself…it’s impossible.....if it was, it would be way, says the mind..Mind is missing all the time the essential......there is "no way out".

My question is this: How to handle that?

Maybe let the mind do what it does. Don’t fight whit it. Maybe were there never problems in the beginning.

From the beginning I knew that every act "I" am going to do is going to miss the target. How to act from that?

Or you where never wrong in the first place, everything is right, nothing is denied. Everything is allowed. Saying yes to everything, too all. But that is madness from the mind “point of view”.

The nature of language is to divide. Whatever you are going to say is false. Maybe it’s not even pointing to the right direction. The best pointer is the pointer who is it?

To talk about that there is a problem creates and feeds the desire to solve it.

To talk about non-duality is to create and feed a desire to achieve something, to get something, that there is a problem, something need to be fixed, something is wrong, something is missing inside me, feeling of los. The desire is there and it will be fed by the talk, the target fades away by the noise. To say this is maybe to totally misunderstand what non-duality rely is, but it can’t be wrong, even misunderstanding could be right in the sense of non-duality

In the moment you say “now” it’s past….? More right to say never ending movement…or? words!

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Björn Clausen sa...

Love to read your own words - I agree - There is NO way out - This is it - Surrender - Period.
Harsh but true.
But the challenge I love is how to package this in a way that is filled with compassion. Is that possible or is everything else but the cruel truth a lie?

Roshi sa...

First; if I put "my words" on what's moving inside it's also easier to see what's going on. It's also little bit of "see for you self".

Second; the only way I can see compassion, how it arises when I see suffering. It’s a natural act, and it is how it should be. If I say compassion don’t exist outside the “I”, in other words awareness or consciousness doesn’t care, that is not the only truth. Cause the “I” with the compassion is inside the awareness; both exist and are a paradox. This is beyond the thinking and mind, and it’s hard to talk about…here comes clarity and its personal, because everyone sees for its own. Nothing is wrong and it’s here the mind ends…from now on there is every possibility of confusion, and it’s clarity we looking for.
In the end, if you ask me tomorrow, maybe I have a better answer…more clarity, everything changes and the “me” with it, and it is as it should be.

Namaste my best friend Juha