söndag 25 maj 2008


Your sense of an "I" tells you that you are separate. This sense keeps you away from the whole; witch is always there and has ever been. This “I” is the focus you look with and perceive the world. This “I” divides everything and this dividing make things more and more complex and complicated, but the hope for understanding and clarity in the future, and a feeling of collecting more and more knowledge is what keeps it going on. In the end of the day, the “I” is hopelessly lost.

The only way out (if there is any) is when the “I” sees when it went wrong in the first place, seeing this, it knows it owns helplessness. In this seeing through, “I” knows its place, the limits. It’s just a part in the whole. Its inside the whole. The part can ever be the whole. But the whole includes the part.

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