tisdag 16 februari 2010

End of the struggle

"At some point, it is true that the mind is no longer useful. It can not and will never come to any successful conceptual understanding of awareness. What occurs is a dissolution of ignorance as the mind realizes its own folly. Ultimately, the vastness reveals itself. In this "seeing", the mind becomes subservient to Presence rather than the other way around. Once "the mind" sees the Truth regarding awareness, it's struggle ends."

So, what does one do at this delicate point?

Christopher Hubard



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2012 Consciousness Shift Resources sa...

My sources claim that gravity is reflected throughout all of creation, presenting itself as “the glue” that binds all together, and that duality is the “balancer”. And even that which is perceived as “evil or darkness; non-existence” becomes a projection within the unified field of consciousness in other to maintain balance within all of creation, as it reflects throughout.