torsdag 17 december 2009

Think about this

Interesting ideas ( :- D ) of thought from Greg Goode:

There is no
my thought or your thought. There is just a thought,
without ownership.

When one takes the "I" to be undivided, impersonal, timeless, 
spaceless awareness, everything that arises is awareness. Let's say 
there is an arising of the entire world with galaxies, people, 
romance, mystery, travel, art, science, space exploration and 
subatomic particles. Where can it be other than awareness? It is - 
as awareness. Whatever was, is - as awareness, not separate from 
awareness. Since awareness has no edges or periphery, there is nothing else for anything to be made of. Nothing fails to arise. 
Where would the failure take place? There can't be anything missing. 
What can possibly be missing unless it were somewhere else? But where 
could that possibly be - with no edges or borders to awareness? There are no separate "places."

Other pointer-words don't *define* awareness, but they give the flavor 
or fragrance or esthetic of awareness: "presence," "love," 
"inclusion," "fullness," "home." Mmmm, very sweet!

The whole article:



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