tisdag 20 december 2011

A tip !

On the net there is a number of interesting sites wich provide videos on the subject. Here is some of them:

Quote of the day:

Thats why you call the search the self- knowledge this "who am I?" or the hint "that the I that can percieve can't be YOU This is the "not-finding" who you are. There is an absolute "not finding". You look in all places, in all look in the "real" world, the formless world, the mind, the awareness...and you do not find yourself...and in a glimpse of a second you realize, possibly that...."ALL WHAT YOU CAN RECOGNIZE CANT BE WHAT YOU ARE and THIS IS - THEN"----nothing has happened.

That this story of that buddhist who tries to tame his mind/know start in the world,- you see, the world is not real, you then move into the formless, nothingness, and realize, thats not real neither. You examine the awareness then, and you see YOU can be aware of this too so you can't be the awareness neither so then you go back to the pub and keep on drinking.

Karl Renz

Good luck!